In the story “The Rocking Horse Winner” Paul’s parents where tying to live a lifestyle that exceeds they’re income. They were always arguing about how they need more money that eventually the boy hears that “there must be more money” coming through the walls of the house. Paul sees not having any money as being unlucky like his father. Paul declares himself lucky because “God” told him so. While riding on his rocking horse Paul envisions the winners of the horse races. Paul wanting to be lucky represents a desire to replace his father in his mother’s life. The boy’s parents caused his death by their living beyond their means spending habits.

With the help of Paul’s gardener Basset and his uncle Oscar, Paul places bets and starts winning. When he started winning the horse races he decided to give his mother 5000 pounds every year on her birthday, and when it arrived in the mail Paul asked “didn’t you have anything nice in the post for your Birthday, mother?” his mother said “Quite moderately nice.” Paul was trying his hardest to get his mothers attention and she didn’t care. His mother told Paul that after she married all her luck went away, comparing money to love. Paul decided that he needed to make more money so he wanted to bet in the Derby.

When Paul’s parents go to a party he starts riding his horse to see who the winner will be for the Derby. When Hester, Paul’s mother gets home and goes to check on him he is having one of his frenzies. Suddenly Paul starts screaming “It’s Malabar, He screamed, It’s Malabar!” Paul went unconscious for three days, he didn’t sleep and his “eyes where blue like stones”. When the gardener Basset came to visit he started whispering that Malabar came into first place and made over 80 thousand pounds. Paul then started screaming “Malabar, Malabar! Did I say Malabar, mother? Did I say Malabar? Do you think I’m lucky, mother? I knew Malabar, didn’t I? Over eighty thousand pounds! I call that lucky, don’t you, mother? Over eighty thousand pounds! I knew, didn’t I know I knew? Malabar came in all right.”As the boy was dying he told his mom “I never told you, mother, that if I can ride my horse, and get there, then I’m absolutely sure oh, absolutely! Mother, did I ever tell you? I am lucky!” Later that night Paul died.

The story shows how money isn’t happiness. People who live their life in a materialistic way can often lose sight of what really matters. The parents took little notice to their children’s accomplishments; they were too busy trying to have the best of everything. The more money the parents had the more abundant their lifestyle became. That’s what leads to see that money doesn’t buy happiness.


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